some of my favorite places in Europe:

Göttingen Universität Stadt

Hamburg Universität

mit Rechtswissenschaften und dem Seerechtsinstitut

Stadt and with pictures!

Konstanz Universität


and also

Cardiff university

and its Law School

then there is my favourite place in the States, the United States of America that is; it's Seattle/Washington, wonderful city on the sound, and I went there to study at the university's

law department


School of Marine Affairs
es ist vollbracht, 13. Juni 1998:

Dean Hjorth

participating in the Law and Marine Affairs Program

This, as all, is history now.
I was back in Seattle/WA, though, researching on "The Legal Status of Research Vessels and Scientific Installations in International Law - and national law". But that's a different story...

I started my pratical training as a lawyer in February 1999 in Hamburg at the office of the public prosecutor;

continued at the civil magistrates court in Hamburg;

from 01 November 99 till 31 January 00 - as a part of my practical training - I was in Speyer/Rhineland-Palatinate at the Deutsche Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften;

as of 01 February, I am back in Hamburg, continuing my practical training at the Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (Federal Agency for Shipping and Hydrography);

in May, June, and July I was clerking for a Judge at the Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht (High Regional Court or District Court of Appeal) in Hamburg, Senate for Transport and Shipping Law;

August through November I was working at the law firm Lebuhn & Puchta, specialising in Transport and Shipping as well as Corporate Law and M&A.

Then there was the written part of my exam.

Spring '01 saw me at the European Commission and more specifically at DG Fisheries where I conducted research on marine protected areas within the EEZ.

and currently, I am in Tbilisi, Georgia teaching European and International Law at two different universities. You are welcome to visit the relevant site

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