International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS)

alternative choices:
  • ICJ
  • Arbitral Tribunal, Annex VII
  • Special Tribunal, Annex VIII

  • Procedure

    (alleged) violation of UNCLoS III,
    esp. Art. 292 (1)
    Application by the (Flag) State,
    or "on behalf" by the agent (Art. 292 (1) only)

    Notification by a special agreement

    to the Registrar
    Seabed Disputes Chamber,
    Art. 187; Annex VI, Art. 14, 35f; Rules, part III F
    Chamber of Summary Procedure ,
    (Rules, part II C) (Special Chamber)
    (other) Special Chambers,
    Annex VI, Art. 15; Rules, part III D
    Tribunal, 21 Judges,
    Rules, part III B
    Written proceedings
    (pleadings, time limit: six months)

    Memorial - Counter-memorial
    Reply - Rejoinder
    Initial Deliberation
    Oral proceedings (public)
  • date of the opening/continuance fixed by the Tribunal
  • no more documents without the consent of the other party or authorization by the Tribunal
  • arguments (before or after the presentation of the evidence)
  • final submissions
  • Judgment
    (Decision by a majority of the present members)